Tuesday, 23 January 2018 04:50 pm
Welcome to the official website of the Tallahassee Tennis Titans youth tennis team. This site is set up with the purpose of providing useful information for those who wish to enroll their sons or daughters into a successful tennis program where kids learn to play tennis through drills, personalized instruction, and by playing many practice matches.

Our philosophy is to allow young players to hit the ground running so they start their tennis training learning the ground strokes quickly through repetition, games and various drills.


Intermediate level players will be introduced to the concept of adding effect to the tennis ball by hitting with topspin or by using the backspin or slice and the sides pin. More advanced players may try the serve with spin as well. Players also learn how to apply and replace the grip on the tennis racket and they will also learn what the different bevels are on the racket handle and when to use them.

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